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Cocktail mixer's tools of the trade

1. Pilsner glass  2. Beer mug  3. Highball glass  4. Martini glass  5. Red wine glass  6. White wine glass  7. Cocktail glass  8. Something glasses  9. Straws  10. Cocktail shaker  11. Shot glass  12. another glass  13. Champagne flute

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  • And don't miss our fantastic interactive games arcade.  Hint: if you lose every time either you've had enough drinks for now or you're useless at games!  Have fun and drink sensibly.
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    mixed-drinks revival

    The amazing 21st century cocktails explosion

    Yes, the rise in popularity of the cocktail has been nothing short of amazing. Everywhere you look, on film and tv, in restaurants, in bars, people are drinking cocktails, or as they're often called, mixed-drinks.

    And no wonder. Although there are times when most of us would say that only a cold beer will do-the-trick, many people are becoming more adventurous about what they drink. And why not? With so much choice in the amazing, colorful world of cocktails there's no need to be bored at the bar again. Probably still not the best idea for your night-out with the boys though! Still that might depend on the boys!

    what's your poison?

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